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About Us

Focus on high-end precision manufacturing, research and development -
China's leading domestic manufacturer of camera module

R & D

Q Technology (Group) Company Limited (the “Q Technology”) commits itself to the development of mid-to-high-end camera modules. With over 10 years cumulation of technologies know-how, our COB (Chip-on-Board) manufacturing process is mature and help us become tier-one player in the market. We have throughout understanding of the mainstream manufacturing technologies such as miniaturization, ultra-thin packaging, integrated dual camera modules production (i.e. share substrate), Non-integrated dual camera modules production (i.e. share frame) and optical image stabilizing (OIS) modules production, and significantly improve the product quality and cost efficiency. To the year ended December 2016, the Company has successfully put high-end modules including 20 mega pixel AF (auto-focus) module and dual camera module into mass production. Q Technology has been honored with “the High Quality Award “ in CCM module of 2016 by VIVO, and has been honored as “the best quality supplier” and “the best service provider” for consecutive years (for more details of our honors and awards, please see the Qualifications and Honors and Company News column in our website).

Q Technology is dedicated to develop platforms. Till now, we have obtained 137 invention patents and 410 utility model patents. Q Technology has independently developed the high-speed testing fixtures and has applied them to all production lines. The full pixel frame rate of 16 mega pixel module can reach 24fps while the full pixel frame rate of 20 mega pixel module can reach 20fps, which lay foundation for the development of high-pixel products. We applied the algorithms such as SFR, Shading, AWB, blemish, RI, RU, OC, AA autonomous dual camera, dual camera demarcation, verify etc. on our products, proprietary designed the automatic focusing machine, automatic function tester, OTP burning machine, four-in-one machine, one to sixteen integrated machines, fully automated continuous production line (Robot). These equipments not only enhance our product consistency but also reduce our production cost.

Q Technology also engages in the design of high-end module and advanced optical module, we have developed products with 24 mega pixels, dual camera with functions of OIS (optical image stabilization), Dual PD ( phase detection auto-focus), VR module, structured light 3D, TOF, periscope optical zoom dual camera module, light sensing recognition, Tlens module, IOS (optical image stabilization), fingerprint recognition, optical zoom and depth map, outdoor sports camera, Closed-Loop Control motor, etc., which have all come to a mass production scale. To meet the differentiated demands of end customers, Q Technology provides the all-around custom module solutions in order to provide the best customer experience.

Q Technology has been devoted to develop the best designs, packaging capabilities and provide innovative solutions. For e.g. developing Active Alignment (“AA”) free COB production process to eliminate the traditional AA procedure and thus optimize the production process, improve efficiency and cost reduction. By quick response and stable product quality, we strive to provide the best module design and packaging service to our customers.