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About Us

Focus on high-end precision manufacturing, research and development -
China's leading domestic manufacturer of camera module

R & D

Q Technology commits itself to the development of middle and high-end camera modules and takes the lead to push forward the process of COF (chip on flex), which has been widely applied in the industry and contributes to the trend of thinner modules. In addition, this process also greatly improves the quality while lowers the costs. Up to November 2014, Q Technology has successfully put high-end modules including 20 mega pixel AF (auto-focus) module into mass production, 13 mega pixel AF module yield rate has reached 96% while the total shipment defective rate is controlled under 0.5%. Q Technology has been honored as “the best quality supplier” and “the best service provider” by customers for several consecutive years (for more details of our honors and awards, please see the Qualifications and Honors / Company News column in this website).

Q Technology pays great attention to developing platform and algorism. Till now we have obtained 3 invention patents and 24 utility model patents. Q Technology have independently developed USB 3.0 testing fixtures and the full pixel frame rate of 16 mega pixel module can reach 9.3fps, which lay foundation for developing high-pixel products. We also boast of self-developed algorisms such as SFR,shading,AWB,tilt,blemish and automatic focusing machine, automatic function tester and OTP burning machine. These equipment not only enhance product consistency but also decreases production cost.

Q Technology also engages in the design of high-end module, we have developed products with 20 mega pixels, dual camera with functions of optical zoom and depth map, OIS (optical image stabilization), PDAF (phase detection auto-focus), gesture recognition, fingerprint recognition, outdoor sports camera, close-loop control motor, and alternate motor, etc., which have all come to a mass production scale. To meet the differentiated demands of end customers, Q Technology is developing iris recognition camera module, which is expected to come onto the market soon.

We have been devoted to provide the best design, packaging and testing service for domestic customers by virtue of top design and packaging capability, quick response and stable delivery quality.