Stock Abbreviation: Q TECH
Stock Code: 1478.HK

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About Us

Focus on high-end precision manufacturing, research and development -
China's leading domestic manufacturer of camera module

Strategic Development

Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision:
Smart Camera, Smart Solution.

Corporate Mission:
To be the pioneer of high-end camera module suppliers;
Make Memories fresher.

Future Strategies

Continue to Strengthen Relationship with Existing Customers and Suppliers

Q Tech seeks to deepen relationship with existing customers, as this will likely offer Q Tech additional sales opportunities, by continuously providing them with a wide range of customized quality products.
For a tendency to shift the production capacity of camera modules to China, Q Tech intends to deepen its relationship with its key suppliers to ensure the stability of Q Tech’s supply chain and receipt of timely industrial information.

PRC Base and Overseas Expansion

Overseas Market
Q Tech targets leading branded smart phone and tablet PC manufacturers in the emerging markets and mid-priced branded smart phone and tablet PC manufacturers in more developed markets; we plan to expand sales team and increase overseas sales.
PRC Market
Q Tech leverages on existing strengths and comparatively lower cost base as a PRC manufacturer; we continue to promote ourselves and expand our domestic customer bases.

Vertical Business Integration and Strategic Partnership

Q Tech considers acquisition of raw material and component suppliers who have their own design, research and development team and sales channel, and can provide cost synergies to the business; we also consider to enter into strategic partnerships with camera module manufacturers for smart devices other than smart phones and tablet PCs to expand our product offering and business.

Research and Development

Further Expand Design, Research and Development Capabilities
New Technologies
Q Tech plans to continuously strengthen products by incorporating advancements into existing products; we plan to offer newly developed products featuring the latest technologies.
New Products
Q Tech plans to expand product offerings and broaden the functionalities and applications of products to actualize human machine interface; we plan to design and develop camera modules that can be used in wearable and outdoor sports products, medical equipment, car systems and home surveillance systems.


Further Expand Existing Production Base and Manufacturing Capabilities
Cleanrooms Upgrade
By the end of 2015, Q Tech has enlarged and upgraded its Class 10 and Class 1,000 Cleanrooms from approximately 8,533.0 sq.m. to approximately 18,000.0 sq.m.; Q Tech plans to offer newly developed products featuring the latest technologies.
Equipment Upgrade
We plan to purchase more advanced production machinery and equipment to increase automation and improve functionalities of production process.