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Dual camera

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  • Non-Integrated 13M+13M RGB+MONO Dual Camera Module

    Main dimension): 20.50mm(L)*10.9mm(W)*5.68mm(H)
    Base Line: 9.6±0.30mm
    Wide: IMX258-OAQH5-C (1/3.06")
    Tele: IMX258-OAMH5-C (1/3.06")
    Array Size: 4208X3120(13MP)
    F/NO: 1.8±5%(Wide/Tele)
    Distortion: <1.0%(Wide/Tele)
    View Angle: 75Degrees?(Wide/Tele)
    EFL: 3.81mm (Wide/Tele)
    CVDD: 0.98V~1.1V (Wide/Tele)
    AVDD: 2.7V~3.0V (Wide/Tele)
    DOVDD: 1.7V~3.0V (Wide/Tele)

  • Non-Integrated 8M+2M Dual Camera Module

    Main dimension: 24.15mm(L)*9.8mm(W)*3.83mm(H)?
    Base line: 15mm
    Wide: K5E8YX13-FGX2 (1/5")
    Tele: OV8864 (1/3.2")
    Array Size:
    Wide: 3280X2464(8M)
    Tele: 2608X1960(2M)
    F/NO: 2.0±5%? (Wide/Tele)
    Distortion: <1.5%(Wide/Tele)
    View Angle: 76.7 Degrees (Wide)/ 88.8Degrees?
    EFL: 3.57mm (Wide)/ 1.83mm(Tele)
    CVDD: 0.98V~1.1V?(Wide/Tele)
    AVDD: 2.7V~3.0V? (Wide/Tele)
    DOVDD: 1.7V~3.0V (Wide/Tele)

  • Non-Integrated 13M+5M Dual Camera Module

    Main dimension: 29.70mm(L)*10.90mm(W)*4.87mm(H)
    Base line: 20±0.15mm
    Wide: IMX258-OAQH5-C (1/3.06")
    Tele: S5K5E8YX13-FGX2 (1/5")
    Array Size:
    Wide: 4208X3120(8M)
    Tele: 2592X1944(5M)
    F/NO:2.2±5% (Wide) / 2.0±5%(Tele)
    Distortion: <1.5%(Wide/Tele)
    View Angle: 79.8 Degrees (Wide)/ 88.1Degrees
    EFL: 3.46mm (Wide)/ 1.83mm(Tele)
    CVDD: 1.1V~1.3V (Wide/Tele)
    AVDD: 2.7V~2.9V (Wide/Tele)
    DOVDD: 1.7V~1.9V (Wide/Tele)