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China Development Bank and Kunshan Q Technology Launch Joint Party Building Activities 2020-09-17

(17 September 2020) Aspirations are better, and mountains and seas are not far away. 2020 is the final year of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and a year of resolute victory in poverty alleviation. On September 16, the Suzhou Branch of China Development Bank, which is one of the important cooperative banks of Kunshan Q Technology Limited (“Kunshan QT China”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Q Technology (Group) Company Limited (“Q Technology”), visited Kunshan QT China headquarter and launched a joint party building activity of "Keep in mind the original mission and help poverty alleviation", condolences employees from impoverished areas in Guizhou and Yunnan, and sent them the daily necessities purchased by party members of the Suzhou Branch of China Development Bank with voluntary donations. Mr. Chen Qun, Vice President of China Development Bank Suzhou Branch, Mr. Wang Jianqiang, Chief Executive Officer of Q Technology, and employee representatives attended the event.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in the beginning of this year, Kunshan QT China has accepted more than 200 migrant workers from Tongren, Guizhou and Lincang, Yunnan through the form of chartered flights to resume work with the support of the local governments. The “seamless connection” of door to door from home to factory has effectively alleviated the “labour issue” of the enterprise and the “employment issue” of the workers during the epidemic period, and taken practical actions to help the country's poverty alleviation work.At the same time, the Suzhou Branch of China Development Bank has always been highly concerned about and supporting outstanding enterprises in Kunshan. After understanding the capital needs of Kunshan QT China for resuming work and production and expanding operations, it provides services at the door as soon as possible, and develops tailor-made financing plans to achieve " The fastest connecting with companies, the fastest review of credits, and the fastest loan issuance”, implemented special working capital loan support for resumption of work and production, and combined labour cooperation between the east and west with assistance in poverty alleviation, and ran out of the “acceleration” of epidemic prevention and control. It demonstrates the responsibility and deeds of development finance in assisting the "six guarantees and six stability", fully embodies the leading and exemplary role of development finance in supporting the development of the industrial economy, and helps Q Technology to face the challenges of the macro environment. In the interim results of 2020, Q Technology has achieved a record high of revenue over the same period, a record high of after-tax profit over the same period, and a record high of the average unit price of core products. It is a good story for bank-enterprise cooperation and a new chapter of social responsibility.