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Q Technology held the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new R&D headquarter and announced new project launching 2020-05-08

(May 5, 2020 ) Q Technology (Group) Company Limited (“Q Technology” or the "Company", SEHK stock code: 1478, or together with its subsidiaries collectively referred to as the "Group"), a world-leading manufacturer of mid- to high-end camera module and fingerprint recognition module for mobile devices is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary Kunshan Q Technology Limited (“Kunshan QT China”) has performed the foundation stone laying ceremony of its new R & D headquarter in Kunshan today, major leaders including the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee Mr. Lan Shaomin and Secretary of Kunshan Municipal Party Committee Mr. Wu Xinming attended the event.


Q Technology continues to promote product research and development, and unswervingly works in the three directions of new materials, new processes and new products. The foundation of the new research and development center will focus on promoting the development of five basic knowledge including design, process, equipment, materials and IT. Continuously improve the company's patent and knowledge capabilities, coordinate the design and implementation of Industry 4.0, and strive to achieve the three goals of "manufacturing automation", "process digitization" and "intelligent control".


At the same time, Q Technology launched a new project for intelligent vision modules, increasing Kunshan QT China ’s registered capital of 350 million US dollars (relevant procedures are being processed) to help resolve the capital expenditure and operating capital required in the process of capacity expansion and production scale expansion.


The Group continues to hold strong confidence in intelligent vision industry, adheres to the mission of "Illuminate Things " and the vision of "Leading camera technology and serving customers with excellent customer experience", focus on the user experience of customers and strive for the best.