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Q Technology has granted government subsidies totaled approximately RMB 16 Million for the Headquarter Enterprise Transformation Project 2018-12-25

(17 December 2018) Q Technology (Group) Company Limited (“Q Technology” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company’s subsidiary, Kunshan Q Technology Limited (“Kunshan QT China”), has been granted subsidies totaled approximately RMB 16 million from various level of government associated with the headquarter enterprise transformation project which promotes production upgrade and innovation.

Kunshan QT China has been dedicated to support the government strategy of economy structure enhancement, rising of integrated competitiveness and headquarter economic development for long time. Being reviewed by various government departments, the project has been duly approved. This reflect the recognition and encouragement to the Company. We would like to show our gratitude and will continue relentlessly on building an intelligent vision solution provider of portable smart terminal and achieve the goals of letting machine to see and understand the world better and creating more values for shareholders.