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Chairman of Q Technology Mr. He Ningning awarded the Friend of Kunshan “Twin Lotus Award" 2018-11-02

The 2018 Kunshan JinQiu trade conference and major projects launches ceremony has taken part in Kunshan city on 31 October 2018 and marked the launches of 139 major projects which involve an investment amount totaled RMB 46.8 billion and expected production output of RMB 110 billion. These new developments reflecting the implementation of the policy of “Six High Qualities” advocates by the provincial government of Suzhou and government of Suzhou city and facilitate the reform and opening-up of Kunshan city.


During the event, Mr. He Ningning, the chairman of Q Technology, was awarded the Friend of Kunshan “Twin Lotus Award” to appreciate his contribution towards the reform and opening-up of Kunshan and is one of the ten outstanding economic figures got this honor. Mr. He express his gratitude: “It’s my honor to get this award and feeling excited with a sense of responsibility. On one hand, this award recognized the contribution of Q Technology towards the prosperous development of Kunshan economy, and on the other hand, provides a driving force to encourage us to do even better. We will continue to implement the strategy of building a world-class systematic integrated intelligent vision products enterprise and promote the good quality and superiority of Kunshan as well as China manufacturing.