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Stock Code: 1478.HK

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CFO of Q Technology Mr. Fan Fu Qiang was awarded “The Best CFO of the year” by "China Financial Market" 2018-01-11

11 Jan 2018, the ceremony and banquet reception of “China Financial Market Award 2017” was hosted in the Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel. Over 150 outstanding listed corporation and financial institutions presented in the ceremony, including numerous important government officials and tycoons.


Mr. Fan Fu Qiang, the CFO of Q Technology (Group) company limited was awarded as “The Best CFO of the year” to recognize his outstanding performance in financial management, capital market management and corporate governance. This prestige award was founded in 2015. The nominating committee and judge panel included seven major renown financial organizations, namely The Listed Company Council of Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, HKCAMA, IFAPC, CMAA, HKCSA, HKICS and HCFA. The purpose of the awards is to promote and appreciate the outstanding listed companies and leaders in China and Hong Kong.