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Chengdu Q Technology qualified as the High and New Technology Enterprise 2017-12-08

(8 Dec 2017) – Q Technology (Group) Company Limited (“Q Technology” or “the Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively known as “the Group”, HKSE stock code: 1478.HK) is pleased to announce that the Company’s subsidiary, Chengdu  Q Technology Limited (“Chengdu Q Technology ”) has qualified as the High and New Technology Enterprise (“HNTE”) qualification, which will be effective for three years. Chengdu Q Technology is the second subsidiary of the group, after KunShan Q Technology limited (“KunShan Q Technology China”), being qualified as the HNTE.


Pursuant to the relevant regulations of the PRC Corporate Income Tax Law, upon the qualification being renewed, Chengdu Q Technology is entitled to enjoy a preferential income tax rate of 15% rather than 25%, and other relevant beneficial policy.


The Group has been devoted in Research and Development as well as the creating innovation in recent years. The Group is dedicated to equip machine with a better vision than human’s eyes. Through the building up of three capabilities: optical, computational and deep learning algorithm and system integrating capability, the Group focused on producing various high-end camera modules and fingerprint recognition modules. The Group was also deploying resource in miniaturization of camera module and 3D sensing module, so as to contributing to the technology advancement of the country.