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Chairman of Q Technology Mr He present in the news briefing and projects singing ceremony of Town of Chiku in Kunshan 2017-11-07

30 October 2017, The Kunshan government has held a news briefing and projects signing ceremony of the “Town of Chiku” in Kunshan Hi-Tech Zone. Integrating the educational platform of Duke KunShan University, KSITRI, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and the resources of university zone, Hi-tech zone and live zone, Town of Chiku is dedicated to build an open-mined, mixed, diversified innovative ecosystem. The Chairman of Q Technology (Group) Company limited (“Q Technology”) Mr. He Ningning attended the ceremony and conducted a speech on stage on behalf of the company. Mr He further communicate with the standing committee of Suzhou city, Mr. Yao, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Kunshan and other government officials of Kunshan after the ceremony.

In addition, Kunshan Q Tech China, the indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of Q Technology, was recognized by the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province as the seven batches of regional headquarter and functional office of a MNC set up in the region. Mr. Wang Jianqiang, Executive director and CEO of the Group, was granted Honorary Citizen of Kunshan”, and proudly become the second person in the team of senior management of the Group to get this honor after the Chairman Mr. He Ningning. Mr. Wang said, It is a great honor to receive such a title, which not only approves of the efforts by the Company and myself, but also constantly encourages and inspires us. The Company and myself will strive to create better performance and results in order to send the gratitude to the trust and support of Kunshan government leaders and our shareholders.