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Q Technology (Group) Company Limited 2016 Autumn Reverse Roadshow Successfully Held 2016-11-09

Q Technology (Group) Company Limited

 2016 Autumn Reverse Roadshow Successfully Held



Q Technology (Group) Company Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce that on 08 Nov, the 2016 Autumn Reverse Roadshow of the Company (the “Roadshow”) was held in the Kunshan production base . Over 60 representatives from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia participated in the Roadshow.Mr. He Ningning,  Executive Director and Chairman of the Group, Mr. Wang Jianqiang, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, and Mr. Fan Fuqiang,Chief Financial Officer and Joint Company Secretary of the Group attended the meeting and had a deep communication with the representatives. The brief of the meeting is as follows:


  1. Mr. He Ningning shared the core strategies of Group is dedicated to making the computer to see the world more clearer and to undertand the world better ,and is dedicated to providing machine vision and human vision to mobile terminals by means of continuously building up capabilities of optics, computing vision and deep learning. The capabilities of optics include the capability for R&D and manufacturing of the camera modules and its components, while the capabilities computing vision include the software used on dual-camera, multiple-camera and machine learning.


  1. The Company also shared the strategy and the major achievements in imaging algorithms of the connect party.


  1. The Company remains the business guidance of 2016,the details are as follows: the shipment volume growth of camera modules is expected to be no less than 50% for 2016 as compared with that of 2015, the proportion of 13M and above is expected to be no less than 20% by shipment volume f camera modules, the shipment volume of fingerprint recognition modules is expected to be no less than 20 million units, the capacity for camera modules is expected to be expanded to about 23 million units per month and the production capacity for fingerprint recognition modules is expected to be expanded to about 10 million per month by the end of 2016. The Managements also responded the representatives’s questions respectively.


  1. The representatives visited the production workshop of camera modules and fingerprint recognition modules.