Stock Abbreviation: Q TECH
Stock Code: 1478.HK

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About Us

Focus on high-end precision manufacturing, research and development -
China's leading domestic manufacturer of camera module

Management Team

Chairman and Executive Director-He Ningning

Mr. He found Kunshan QT China in October 2007 and gained over 20 years’ experience in consumer electronics and smart mobile communication terminals industries, and was appointed as a chairman of Q Technology (Group) Company Limited on 5 May 2014.He is primarily responsible for overallstrategic planning and formulation of investment strategies of our Group.

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer-Wang Jianqiang

Mr. Wang was appointed as our Director on May 2014, and was re-designated as an executive Director on November 2014. On July 2016, he was re-designated as the chief executive officer of the Group. Mr. Wang is primarily responsible for the business operations of the Group.

Executive Director and Vice President for Sales-Hu Sanmu

Mr. Hu was appointed as an executive Director on July 2016. He is primarily responsible for the sales of the Group.

Chief Financial Officer and Joint Company Secretary-Fan Fuqiang

Mr. Fan was appointed as our Joint Company Secretary on November 2014, and was appointed as the chief financial officer on July 2016. Mr. Fan is primarily responsible for the financial management, risk control, investor relations and relations with security regulators.